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In this page you’ll find out more information about how to use, manage and remove cookies. Below you will find details on the cookie law of May 8th 2014. For more information visit the website:

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with this. According to the cookies used on this website, it’s not necessary to request an advance consent by the users.

Find out more about cookies

A cookie allows a site to store state information on your machine.

This information lets a Web site remember what state your browser is in.

An ID is one simple piece of state information — if an ID exists on your machine, the site knows that you have visited before. The state is, “Your browser has visited the site at least one time,” and the site knows your ID from that visit. They are simply used to store the visited websites and to accelerate your web surfing.

Don’t be anxious: on every website you visit you find cookies. It’s not about spyware, virus or programs, so there’s no danger for your computer.

Which kind of cookies can you find on our website?

This website uses cookies which expire by the closing of the page.

Additionally this website uses also Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics allows to store users preferences.

Cookies are used to improve the use of the site by the visitor and to collect statistic information.

More information: cookies use with Google Analytics.

How to manage and remove cookies?

Usually all browsers accept cookies. To control your settings, check the operating instructions of your browser.

Obviously you can decide to refuse them or to receive information whenever you find a new cookie. Be aware that if you refuse them, you’ll remove some features. Additionally you have to remove the cookies manually for your browser.

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